Nono Cloud Forest is a website dedicated to promoting community tourism in Nono, we have designed different tours, our tours are special (all inclusive) and encourage all sites and natural resources Nono. Perfect place to complete your tour in Ecuador, if you have already booked the tour to the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon Rainforest, you can use the time and know Nono Cloud Forest, before or after the tour is perfect to add to your visit to Ecuador.

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Nono Cloud forest - Pacaya Forest - Trekking by yumbos trail
Yanacocha Reserve - Nono Cloudforest
Nono Cloud Forest - Guagrapamba Waterfall.
Nono Clod Forest - Adventure - Trekking and through tunnels
Ecuador Cloud Forest - Nono Cloud Forest - New site for visit
Camping - Nono Cloud Forest.
Birdwatching - hummingbird - black breasted puffleg.

Nono Special Tours

Tour Nono Wildlife 1
Salpi Aventura (Farm), etc

From $ 18 per person (group rate)

Tour Nono Adventure 3
Natural Reserve
Trekking "Inca Trail"
Salpi aventura (Farm)
Milking the cow
From $ 26 per person (group rate)

Tour Adventure & History 5
Trekking by Culuncos trail
Orchid Garden

From $ 25 per person
(group rate)

Tour Nature & Adventure 7
Chaupi waterfall
Orchid Garden

From $ 18 per person
(group rate)

Tour Nono Wildlife 2
Trekking trail "S"
Milking the cow
Horseback riding, etc

From $ 28 per person (group rate)

Tour Nono Adventure 4
Horseback Riding
trail Monteverde Cloud Forest
Orchid Garden
Natural Reserve

From $ 38 per person (group rate)

Tour Adventure & History 6
(Good Physical condition)
Trekking by Culuncos trail
Yumba waterfall
Salpi Aventura (Farm)

From $ 25 per person
(group rate)

Nono Tour Gourmet 8
Birdwatching, Orchid Garden
Special lunch (trout, picanha etc)

From $ 36 per person (group rate)

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WIKIPEDIA: A cloud forest, also called a fog forest, is a generally tropical or subtropical evergreen montane moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level. Cloud forests often exhibit an abundance of mosses covering the ground and vegetation, in which case they are also referred to as mossy forests. Mossy forests usually develop on the saddles of mountains, where moisture introduced by settling clouds is more effectively retained.[1]

Variety, price and feactures only at Ecuador tours

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Horseback Riding Tours:

Nono has a multiple trails ideal for horseback riding, trails such us:

  • Trail 1 Nono, time: 1h00
  • Tral 2 Monteverde Cloud forest, time: 1h30m
  • Trail 3 Sierra, time:
  • Trail 4 Tanques, time: 4h00
  • Trail 5 Sauces, time: 1h30m

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